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7 Cool Gadgets to Use in Your Car

by Dolores Olsen

Cars are a large part of our lives as they allow us to travel faster in our day to day lives becoming more efficient and saving time. This is why people spend hours driving a car on a daily basis and if they enjoy traveling by car, often the time spent behind a wheel increases. Hence, creating a comfortable environment in a car is very important and this can be done by using a number of cool gadgets. Here are some of the gadgets that will make your driving experience much better!

1.  The Eye-Lights Heads Up Display

A car heads up display shows vital data about the vehicle on the device enabling the driver to pay more attention to the road making driving safer. This gadget allows drivers to react faster in critical situations avoiding accidents. With a car HUD, drivers can also access information from the phone such as text messages, GPS applications, music and phone calls. The EyeLights heads up display is ideal for easy usage; you can connect it to the phone, use with simple gestures, at the same time, not breaking the bank.

2.  YI Mirror Dash Camera

Dash cameras can act as security cameras for a car, have evidence for accidents, avoid consequences of hit-and-runs, prevent insurance fraud and even help drivers with parking. Overall, this dash camera will help you avoid a lot of stress that comes with driving and dealing with bad drivers. The YI Mirror dash cam can be also connected to WiFi and you can get front/rear views.

3.  Roav VIVA Car Charger

This gadget by Anker is the first charger for cars activated by Amazon’s Alexa. The Anker Roav VIVA charger for cars can give the driver access to more than 25,000 skills from Alexa which allows to move the experience of a smart home into the car. Not only can the driver make calls and stream music but also remotely control certain smart home devices.

4.  ZUS Tire Safety Monitoring System

ZUS is a smart tire safety monitoring system by Nonda and allows the driver to control tire pressure through a smartphone. The gadget alerts the driver during slow leaks, allows you to charge other devices with it and can be easily installed and used. The ZUS tire pressure monitor can be installed by attaching small sensors to the car tires.

5.  Coolilu Cooler/Warmer

During road trips or even during daily short trips, many people transport food and drinks in their cars, which can be an issue during hot days of summer or cold winters. In order to control the temperature of the foods and beverages to keep them from expiring quickly or having strange tastes, many drivers use the Coolilu cooler/warmer in their cars. This mini-fridge is compact but also can fit a lot of your necessities.

6.  Swivel Tray and Storage Bin for Cars

Like the previous gadget, the swivel tray/storage bin is ideal for people who spend a lot of time in their cars and often have to eat or drink there. This small investment will allow the driver to keep their car cleaner and more organized. You can use this to snack during trips or keep important things in reaching distance.

7.  PALMOO Backseat Organizer for Cars

Trying to fit in a lot of things in a car can be a hassle, especially if they are all necessities for a longer trip and sometimes should be kept close so that people have access to it at all time. The backseat organizer by PALMOO takes organizing a car to the next level. With its 9 compartments for storage you can always be sure that you have everything that’s important at hand.