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What Are Truck Trailers And Their Types?

by Jerry p Watson

There needs to be clarity about whether trucks and trailers are the same. They use “truck” informally to refer to vehicles transporting big objects. A truck may also refer to a car or a trailer.

Technically speaking, a vehicle and a trailer belong to two distinct objects. A truck is an automobile that has an engine and is operated by a human. A trailer is a portable cargo area made to be towed by a different vehicle. A caravan cannot be propelled or operated independently.

Types Of Trailer Trucks

Among the most significant features of contemporary society is most likely trucks. Everything that has ever been moved by a trailer truck (รถลาก, which is the term in Thai), including food, equipment, technological advances, and livestock, has done so at some point. The following are three typical truck kinds used in transportation:

Full Trailer

 A truck with front and back axles attached to a carrying unit by a drawbar is called an entire trailer. The total weight of the vehicle and its contents can be supported by fully loaded trailers alone. They provide the best option for transportation across short distances.


Unlike complete trailers, it lacks a front axle and is mainly supported by the vehicle due to its considerable weight. Semi-trailers are incredibly adaptable and can swiftly remove or attach various trailer kinds. A mainstay of long-distance transportation is a vehicle like this.

Flatbed Trailer

The most prevalent and well-liked type of semi-trailer utilised nowadays is the flatbed. The width measurement is 96 or 102 inches, and the total distance is either 48 feet or 53 feet. The stake pockets and rub rails are typically spaced every two feet along the sides. If employed in groups of doubles or triplets, some vintage trailers can be as short as 45 feet, which they frequently use to move hay.

Even turnpike/toll roads, which are far excessive compared to most highways, can legally accommodate some lengths and combo configurations. There are three primary body and frame plans: the heaviest and most durable is full steel, typically with wood boards.

The Reefer Trailer

A reefer trailer is another name for a refrigeration trailer. They are typically utilised for moving chilled or frozen items. No matter the weather outside, the temp within this caravan may be adjusted.

Dry van trailers that feature cooling equipment and insulation to preserve the freshness of the enclosed cargo are effectively refrigerated trailers. Frozen food and fruit are the principal uses for this kind of semi-trailer. Reefer trailers are sometimes used to transport medications.