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The Benefit Of Conducting A Pre-Trip Inspection Of Your Fleet On A Continual Basis

by Clare Louise

If you’re a fleet owner like most of them, you probably have a few drivers on staff that hurry through the pre-trip inspection because they think it’s a waste of time. Either they have a spotless driving record and have never been in an accident, or they are self-assured that they can manage any circumstance that may come while they are driving. Following the pre drive checklist  is essential here.

Never skip a pre-trip inspection with your drivers since you’ll be able to catch any problems before you leave. When utilised correctly, it may reduce accidents, improve safety, eliminate downtime, and ensure that your drivers always arrive at their destinations on time. If all of your drivers have access to your pre-trip inspection checklists on their cellphones, they won’t ever have an excuse for not going through the whole list before leaving on a trip.

Tips to Stay Safe While Driving

Make sure to emphasise the importance of drivers completely completing pre-trip inspection checklists in the next safety meeting.

A driver who has been doing this for some time might disregard standard safety checks like checking the running, brake, and tail lights, assuring the load is secure, testing the brakes, and searching for improperly connected wiring because they believe nothing will go wrong in the future. Remind them that in the event of an accident, it is the motorist who cannot see them who bears responsibility. If the trailer wasn’t properly tied, the safety of other cars on the road may be in danger. If it still doesn’t persuade them, tell them again how embarrassing it would be to be the person speeding down the highway without brakes.

Reducing failures, cutting maintenance costs, and adhering to strict deadlines

If safety concerns, particularly in the event of an accident, extend the amount of time their car is out of service, your driver will almost certainly miss a deadline. Both of these options are unsatisfactory. However, there are other benefits to adhering to the checklist, such as ensuring that you have all the required supplies, are familiar with the route, and have a vehicle in top working order. These will all help to guarantee that your drivers stick to their timetables.

Repair expenses might quickly mount, particularly if a mobile repairman is required. It may cost three to five times as much to have repairs made by the side of the road as they would in a shop. You may save expenses and boost earnings by having professionals handle any problems before sending out drivers by preventing repairs by the side of the road.

Time is hard money, after all. When drivers encounter difficulties because they “forgot” something on their checklist and wind up spending longer than anticipated on the road, they need to be reminded of the worth of their time.

Forms for pre-trip examination are readily available

Pre-trip inspection checklists may be kept in the Gorilla Safety app’s document management section. To make it simple to access, the company’s checklist should be uploaded. Have your drivers digitally attest to everything on the checklist before you go.


This way, you can see whether they completed the checklist more quickly. You may use the checklist we give as a teaching tool for both new and experienced drivers in addition to keeping your drivers on course. Pre-trip inspection checklists are obviously useful for companies, but they also significantly contribute to the safety of drivers.