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Quick and effective easy-to-do checklist before buying a scooter

by Paul Petersen

Scooty is one of the most sold vehicles in the world and rather than bikes scooty comes in various colours and designs. The scooter can make your life much easier than a motorcycle so many people prefer scooty. The best part of getting scooty is hassle-free parking wherever you travel. Whatever the reason if you are buying scooty here is a quick and effective easy-to-do checklist that you need to consider before buying a scooter.


Ergonomics stands first in your checklist while considering before buying a scooter. Even if you buy a passion plus mileage bike or scooty, ergonomics always necessary to check. Although your scooter has a rich feature, it will be a disappointment without a comfortable riding position, foot space and handle height. Convenience is the most important reason for buying a scooter so ergonomics should be given more importance while shortlisting a scooter for buying.

Comfortable seat

Seating and its design characteristics is an essential part of a scooter. Even more modern scooters come with neatly stitched and carefully design well-cushioned e seats to improve the riding experience. Comfortable seating will make the scooter more pleasurable to ride. You have to make sure that the seat is comfortable with enough cushions and padding before buying a scooter. In addition, you can also check the seat height and the footpeg location for the rider. There are many best scooty for ladies 2019 that have more comfortable seating and a perfect look.

Suspension system

The manufacturers are incorporating advanced features to make the scooter more comfortable than ever before. The advanced scooters are now equipped with a telescopic suspension system at the front and gas-charged rear suspension. This advancement makes the scooter more comfortable while riding through bumps, gutters, jolts and uneven paths very easily. The modern and advanced suspension setup absorbs any shocks caused by uneven terrains without passing them down to the rider.


Scooters always lagged behind motorcycles in the braking section. But now you no need to worry about it since scooters also come with disc brakes and even some premium scooters come equipped with ABS technology. Scooters do not have engine braking and the braking system is the only option to rely upon. So it is important to check the braking system of your scooter.

Fuel filling cap

One problem that everyone faces with scooty is, the owner should have to open the under-seat storage to access the fuel filling cap. Opening a fuel filling cap is also a time-consuming task that needs more effort. Nowadays, modern scooters come with an external fuel filling cap to make things easier for users to refill fuel. Checking the external fuel filling cap is very important while buying a scooter and make sure that you no need to open the seat to have a refuel.

Underseat storage

Underseat storage is the basic requirement to carry essentials from the market, keep groceries, shopping bags etc. Modern scooters come with more than 20 litres of under-seat storage to meet the requirement.

Wrapping up

Checking all these things will help you to get the best and more comfortable scooter that last for long. You also look for mobile charging and instrument clusters. You can enquire and clarify all your doubts regarding your scooter with the dealer.