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  Getting new 265/75R16 winter tires for your SUV  

by Clare Louise

If you need to purchase new 265/75R16 winter tires to complement your 265/75R16 all-season tires, there are a few things that you should know. When it comes to tire options, you will find the same types as you can find for normal passenger cars, except that for SUVs you have also some off-road tire options. The first thing to know is that you definitely need winter tires for your SUV if you plan to drive during winter conditions. SUV all-season tires are dangerous to use during winter conditions. This is despite that the name almost indicates that you could use them during any season, but that is not true. They are not approved for winter use and they should only be used during the warm seasons like spring, summer and fall. The reason is that the rubber compound used in summer tires has been optimized for warm weather to ensure that you have the best performance during these conditions. This leads to the fact that one the temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius the rubber will become hard and will thus lose a lot of the grip a soft tire would have.

This is the reason why you should never drive with all-season tires during the winter. You don’t need snow or ice for you to shift to winter tires, as they perform better than summer tires already when the summer tires get hard, i.e. around zero degrees. You will need to find good winter tires to mount before the winter arrives. You have as mentioned the same choices, you have SUV studded tires in the markets where they are allowed, then you have the SUV non-studded tires and, in some markets, you have SUV all-weather tires that can be used all year round. If you need tires that can handle off road driving, they will tend to be aramid reinforced, so that they can sustain side impacts better, in case you hit curbs or potholes.

The tire choice will strongly depend on where you live, where you drive and how you drive. The studded tires will provide you with the best grip, especially on ice, but they have the most limitation when it comes where you can drive as they are not allowed in all states and provinces. You are only allowed to use them during a limited time period, but as with both the studded and non-studded they should be complemented with all-season tires for the summer months. The non-studded can be used anywhere, but should only be used during the summer season, but this is not restricted by legislation.

You also have the all-weather tires, which are a great compromise between summer and winter tires and allow you to always be ready to drive and not having to change tires. Here the 265/75R16 all-weather tires would be the dimension you would need. They offer a great deal of convenience and also added safety when you have sudden weather changes. You have to make sure that they are approved for winter use and have the severe service emblem and if you have an electric SUV or hybrid you will need to have tires that are recommended for those vehicles.

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