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Electric cars and hybrids require special tires

by Danny White


Electric cars uses electric motors instead of a combustion engine and therefore don’t use gasoline to power them. They do however require a lot of battery packs to ensure that they can cover enough distance to make them useable. The weight of the battery packs will make them heavier than combustion engine vehicles. The torque created by electric motors is more direct and higher, so it does cause a bit higher tire wear. The combination of the higher weight and the higher wear caused by the torque is why electric cars and hybrids need special tires that are recommended for this use.

When you are buying tires for electric cars or hybrid it is important to keep in mind the weight differences. This is why it is important to invest in good tires to allow for adequate grip for both braking and accelerating. A good quality tire is also the best protection against aquaplaning. The second thing to consider when buying tires is what dimension of tires do you need and what driving and weather conditions will you use them in. Larger vehicles tend to need wider tires to distribute the weight over a larger contact area. The weather conditions will determine if you need all-season tires, winter tires or then all-weather tires. If you live in an area not experiencing severe winters, you would be able to buy all-season tires to be used all year round.

Most hybrid and electric cars come equipped with all-season tires from the factory. This is the tire of choice for many car manufacturers and is the tire that can be used for most of the year. They also have low rolling resistance , which decreases the amount of energy needed for each journey allowing the electric cars or hybrid to go further on every charge.

Unlike all-weather tires, the all-season tires are not able to handle snow and ice and are therefore not marked with the emblem or mountain snowflake symbol designated for use in severe winter conditions. This is different than an all-weather tire that does actually possess this emblem. The all-weather tires can be considered something off a hybrid between all season tires and winter tires. The all season tires on the other hand are only safe in the spring, fall and summer season which will suffice if living in an area without winters.

All-season tires can be used all year round in areas without winter weather or at least not with severe winters. Not all tires are recommended for hybrid and electric cars, so look if they are recommended and if not select another tire option. They assure precise handling capabilities and advances in technology offers the ultimate safety on wet and dry surfaces alike. This very eco-friendly tire allows for excellent grip so you can rest assured that braking will not be a problem even with the additional weight of a hybrid or electric car.

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