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Electric and Hybrid VehiclesRepair: All You Need to Know

by Clare Louise

Every Electric and hybrid car is today considered as a blessing for the entire mankind. And the reasons are several in number. Though the main focus in these vehicles is maintaining environment conservation, this segment is also preferred by the car owners for their requirement for less frequency in maintenance and repairs.

For this, the industry of auto repair is also in need of lesser manpower and number of machinery. Today the green cars are also having equally higher level of safety standards like any other regular cars, because of which the probability to get trapped in an accident is less to. But even then in the event of any collision or impairment, there are certain methodologies that are followed to service an all-electric car or a hybrid model. We got to watch the repair process of both these types of cars in center of auto repair in San Luis Obispo, where we came to know about all that is necessary to maintain and run a latest all-electric or hybrid car.

Between All Electric Cars and Hybrid

Since the mechanisms of all-electric and hybrid cars are a bit different, it is pretty understandable that their repair process will be different as well. The all-electric cars run on a combined effort of a battery pack and motor, while in case of hybrid models, there will be a regular gasoline powertrain in addition to the motor and battery. Therefore the hybrid cars will always need more attention and more complex repair work than the all-electric ones.

Battery Replacement

Batteries play a vital role to both for the all-electric and hybridcars. Hence, it is the most crucial part that will need more care after certain usage.So, they need to be checked once in a month in order to make sure that all the electrical components are well connected and good operating condition. If there is any sign of corrosion on the battery terminals, it is required to check the water levels and top up to its optimum level, when it goes down.

Maintenance of the Drive Components

Even though the fuel system of the electric and hybrid cars are different than that of the regular ones, they will have the same driving components like, steering, suspension and brakes that will have their own life span that will be in need to be checked as recommended by manufacturer though the owner’s manual.

Repairing the Hybrid Car

There will be much more processes involved when it comes to repairing or maintaining a hybrid vehicle. Since it will have the mechanisms both of a green and gasoline cars, it will demand all the standard maintenance and repair jobs like that of a gasoline, though in lesser frequency, explained the technicians of the center of San Luis Obispo auto repair.So, the other advantage of owning and using a green car be it an all-electric or a hybrid one, is the necessity to take lesser number of trips to the servicing center.