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Why Should You Buy or Import an Eco-friendly Car?

by Danny White

If you’re an environment-conscious person and you’re planning to buy a new or used car, you may want to buy a car that is the eco-friendliest.


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Do you know that a significant proportion of carbon-di-oxide emissions in Australia is accredited to personal car use?

However, although public transport and self-propelled vehicles are usually less polluting than personal cars, sometimes it becomes necessary to use a personal car.

A great way to reduce the emission from your car is buy a green or eco-friendly car. Eco-friendly cars provide an alternative to old-school petrol-consuming automobiles that run solely on fossil fuels.

Green cars create low to no emissions and thus help to lessen greenhouse gas emissions.

If you’re planning to import a car, you should be even more conscious about its eco-friendliness. Thus, you should choose the best US car imports to Australia offered by Import Direct Car Sales.

Now there is a great range of eco-friendly cars which provide a highly viable option.

What is an Eco-friendly Car?

There is no standardised definition of an eco-friendly car as such. However, it’s the one that creates low carbon emissions.

All vehicles sold in Australia should fulfill least emission requirements; however, eco-friendly cars exceed the least threshold or totally cut exhaust emissions.

For this purpose, eco-friendly cars make use of hybrid or electric drive systems.


Electric cars run exclusively on a rechargeable battery. They are provided charging points at home or at public places.

Some electric vehicles can also make use of the deceleration process to charge the battery.

Electric vehicles have no fuel tank or exhaust pipe. They even don’t require an oil change. However, they have the disadvantage of need to recharge, which is available on limited locations.


In hybrid vehicles, engines run on both petrol and electricity. Unlike electric vehicles, they don’t have to be plugged in to recharge their battery since the petrol engine does the job of charging the batteries.

Some even use deceleration to charge the electric engine while braking.

Hybrid vehicles either run on petrol or electricity and the onboard computer in the vehicle alternates between the two engines to maximise efficiency.

For example, while the car is not running and during acceleration, the electric engine will be active, while during cruising, the petrol engine will start.


Image Courtesy: importdirectcarsales.com.au

Benefits of Eco-friendly Vehicles

Although ecofriendly or green cars are more expensive than the standard vehicles and you’ll also have to pay the cost of car shipping according to Import Direct Car Sales, they have a lot of benefits too.

Low Emission

As mentioned earlier, green vehicles have low exhaust emissions lessening the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

Less Noise

Electric engines are less noisy than petrol engines. This reduces noise pollution in cities.

Save Money

With green cars, you save money on petrol because hybrid cars use much less petrol than traditional cars and electric cars don’t use petrol.

Reduced Stamp Duty

All states and territories in Australia have reduced stamp duty for low-emission vehicles.

So, are you planning to buy an eco-friendly car?