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What Should You Focus on When Purchasing a Car?

by Dolores Olsen

Buying your next set of wheels is a big move no matter how you look at.

With that being the case, what areas should you focus in on when buying your next car?

Not spending enough time and effort on the search can end up leaving you with a lemon.

Doing Your Homework is Key

In looking at buying your next vehicle, doing your homework is key.

This is why doing a vehicle history by VIN is important.

When you have the vehicle I.D. number of a specific auto available to you, use it to dig into the background of the vehicle.

Among things you would want to learn about, especially when looking at used vehicles:

  • Does it have an accident history? – One of the most important things about a prospective auto is does it have an accident history? If it does, you want to know as much as possible about it. Even one accident over the years has the potential to change a vehicle for the rest of its driving days.
  • Is there a recall history? – Another area of concern would be if an auto has any recall history. While many recalls tend to be of a smaller nature, others can be rather important. Know if a vehicle you may want to buy has any recent or current recalls you should be concerned about.

By knowing these and other important details, there is less chance you will drive off with a bad auto.

How’s Your Money Situation?

You also want to be on top of your money when you think about buying and driving a used car or new one for that matter.

The last thing you ever want to do is get in over your head with finances.

So, it is wise to figure out your finances and how adding a new or used auto to the picture would impact them.

Among the things to look at:

  • Is it better to buy or lease? – You will need to determine if it is better to buy or lease your next set of wheels. Buying means the vehicle is yours. Leasing means you give it back at some point. With leasing, there is less of a commitment. That said you will have monthly mileage restrictions.
  • Will your auto insurance go up? – Also look into if your auto insurance will go up with another vehicle. The change in pricing could impact you more than you may first realize.
  • Is a monthly auto loan coming too? – You also need to consider if you will have to deal with a monthly auto loan. That loan alone can throw off your monthly bill paying needs.

The goal is to make sure you understand what a new or used vehicle will cost you and if you can afford it.

If the answer is no or you have doubts, now is not the best time in all likelihood to focus on buying another car.

Unless it is an emergency, wait until you are in a better position to go out and get another set of wheels.

So, are you going to go look now or further down the road?