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Protect the look of your car with paint protection film!

by Paul Petersen


The exteriors of a vehicle often bear the brunt of on-road elements and weather. Excessive exposure to sun, flying debris, pebbles, sand, and other things like insects can impact the look and shade of your car paint. If you are someone who likes to keep the vehicle new and appealing, you should definitely consider spending on paint protection film. Options like pellicule pare-pierre ProShield come with lifetime warranty, and using such films won’t change the actual color of your car. In this post, we are sharing all you need to know about paint protection films. 

How does invisible paint protection film work?

There are varied kinds of protection films that auto services use, but we recommend that you select one that needs no maintenance, comes with warranty, and is designed to resist damage caused by UV rays. Generally, protection film can be used for almost every component of the exteriors, such as bumper, trunk, hood, front lights, and side mirrors. You can choose to for full body package, or can protect selected parts of the car exteriors. Many local auto services do offer lifetime warranty with protective film, which can be a big advantage. In general, such films can be used for all kinds of vehicles, mainly to protect the paint. The film will be cut using special technology and applied professionally, so no one needs to know of your extra investment, unless you share. 

Things to understand

When it comes to protective film for cars, don’t attempt this as a DIY project. You may end up messing your car’s look – the last thing you would want with something so expensive. Removing such film is easy using hot water, but again, rely on professional services for that, so that your vehicle looks the same even when the protective film has been removed. You can send your car for an automatic wash even with the protective film on, so it doesn’t impact the way you drive, maintain or use your car. However, select the right service for the job, and check the range of products they have. Get an estimate in advance, because some protective films are expensive, and you wouldn’t want to deal with hidden charges later. 

Final thoughts

Protecting your car from external factors may not be entirely possible, but you can take a step ahead in protecting the color and appeal. Get a locally owned, operated and licensed service to get the protective film, and do check if they can help with removal, if required.