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Know The Type Of Brakes For A Car

by Jerry p Watson

Clutch, brake, and accelerator- The driving force of a car, the safety system under the driver’s feet. Talking about safety systems, brakes are the sole component along with its internal parts looking after the stopping of the car as well as the safety of the car. So, maintaining and keeping a check on the brake system is very important to ensure its proper functioning. Along with that, it is also important to know the suitable material you should use for the brakes in your car. There are different materials used to make the brake pads. They are listed below:

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

The semi-metallic brake pads use 30% to 65% of metals and the rest is covered with other materials such as steel wool. They are molded together with an organic resin, thus offering increased durability. They are comparatively cheaper than its other equivalents and are resistant against heat.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic brake pads are the most common and preferred brake pads for any car. They are versatile as well as quite durable to endure the repetitive pressure. They are generally made up of ceramic fibers and are smooth as well as quiet during its usage and can withstand high temperatures. 

Low-Metallic NAO Brake Pads

These brake pads are made up of 10% and 30% steel or copper. They are great for heat transfer but are a bit noisy than the other options and gather a lot of dust thus leads to malfunctioning.

Non-Asbestos Organic Brake Pads

As suggested by the name, it is presently made up of organic materials but was made up of asbestos in the past. They are relatively smoother and quieter and are a good option for day-to-day lightweight vehicle driving. 

There is again differentiation of brake pads for different car types. They are listed below:

Lighter Vehicles– The low-metallic organic brake pads are best suited to use in a light and compact vehicle. It is for everyday, lightweight use.

Medium-sized Vehicles– The low-metallic NAO pads are best for medium-sized cars that need some sort of heavy braking system.

Heavy Vehicles– Vehicles like lorries and trucks need semi-metallic pads that can withstand high pressure and heat.

Sports Vehicles– Sports cars need high-performance ceramic brake pads for greater halting capabilities.

In this regard, Cross Drilled brake pads are the best in the market and ensure your car is safe and sound while applying brakes.