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How to choose the right fuel to your bike

by Jerry p Watson

Fuel is the blood of your dream bike, most functions on the bike start with and end with a fuel. That’s why it is more essential to get a clear knowledge about a fuel selection as well as the type of fuel available. You want to choose the good quality fuel to your best 200cc bike in India. Good news is that when you choose the good quality fuel for your dream bike, you don’t need any special care to know the working of your bike engine. Then you do not need to understand a fuel combustion process not unless you are curious.

Get the right type of fuel for your bike

The fuel is far often overlooked as a form of preventive maintenance on a bike. If any time you are discussing the fuel and fuel systems, your fuel filter needs are to be included. If you have a fuel filter, check it regularly to ensure that it is clean and not clogged up. Never forget to check your dream bike fuel lines for any weather damage and cracking, if any damage is found then replace it.  Scooty for women are also modified according to their usage.

Avoid fuel with ethanol

Avoiding ethanol fuel completely is the best decision, it takes some effort when fuelling up. Ethanol is a fact of life with 10% ethanol mixed being in a commonplace for the number of years. 15% of ethanol has passed the approval stages and it also should be commonplace in fuel supplies. All of these mandates are aimed at improving the quality of air and reducing the air pollution from the fuel emission, which ethanol is blended to achieve through a lowering of the harmful emissions.

Ethanol fuels have many negative effects on your dream bike. They have the causes of pulling water out of the air and into the fuel due to some chemical nature of the ethanol itself. When the required water is absorbed, then the dissolved ethanol is starting to drop out the solution in a process known as “phase separation”. Ethanol-free is blended with water and sinks to the bottom of the tank. When it happens, you will get some issues that could have been avoided such as gasoline that stripped its octane rating or your fuel line.

Ethanol effects on your bike

Nowadays, ethanol fuel gas is addictive everywhere as your pump in every gas station contains a blend of gasoline and ethanol. Percentage of the ethanol number is displayed by the E-number. For example, E10 means the gas mixture contains a 90% gas and 10%ethanol. Whenever you are filling your gas in a gas station with ethanol mixture in your outdoor power equipment, you run the risk of engine damage and incurring the costly repairs.

Final thoughts

Therefore, these are certain things you need to know before you choose the fuel to your dream bike. You choose the fuel without ethanol to maintain your bike in a good condition. Follow the above-mentioned tips and choose your fuel suits for your dream bike.