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Highlights On Speed ​​Reducers

by Dolores Olsen

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A speed reducer is intended for traffic areas where drivers must limit speed. In rubber or plastic, they are easy to install or adaptable, reducing gears are the essential equipment to reduce the speed of busy drivers and improve peace of mind where they are installed.

For many drivers, a plastic speed bump is an annoying obstacle: it involves slowing down, changing gears and accelerating again. A reducer allows us to improve road safety. It has the following functions:

Limit Driver Speed

Speeders reduce the rate of drivers. A speed reducer drives the vehicle that passes over it, which gives a vertical acceleration that is stronger, the faster the vehicle speed. Therefore, its presence has the effect of inducing motorists to reduce the speed of travel of their vehicle in areas where driving at high speed can present a danger to pedestrians and drivers, without negative consequences for the car and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Increase The Safety Of Drivers And Pedestrians

By pressing the drivers to reduce their speed, the speed reducing belts ensure more excellent security. Not only do they induce drivers to reduce speed, but it also invites them to pay more attention to nearby obstacles such as a crosswalk and rubber parking blocks. You can also increase parking security using safety mirrors at the exit and in areas with poor visibility.

Where Are The Speed-Reducing Gears Placed?

Our speed-reducing gears are suitable for use on roads and private areas. From Seton, we recommend placing the plates in the following places: CC

  • Work areas or works.
  • Parking entrances and exits.
  • School zone mediations.
  • Places with a substantial influx of pedestrians.
  • Busy urban areas.

As a general rule, it is preferable to install the speed reducers in places where the circulation exceeds 30 km / h and represents a danger for visitors and employees. Also, it is an excellent option to ensure that potholes are not an obstacle to routes.

According to the regulations, the sides must respect a distance of 50 meters between them, the maximum of this distance being 200 meters.