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Genuine spare parts do matter when it comes to car’s safety

by Jerry p Watson

If you have a vintage car, such as Nash Metropolitans, there always comes a time when you need to get it repaired and some parts replaced. And here begins a long search and consideration of suitable Metropolitan parts.

When you come across a malfunctioning vehicle, you will more than likely have to seek the expertise of a certified automotive technician. Not only is it imperative that a professional diagnose your car, but it is equally important to fix it using the correct parts. If you drive a Nash Metropolitans car, the best way to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top health is to use genuine parts made for this car only to correct any problems.

The right parts DO matter

When buying auto parts, many times we can choose to buy alternative parts because obviously they have a lower cost and are more accessible. But, as they say “Cheap can sometimes be expensive.” It is no secret that maintaining a vintage vehicle is expensive. Here are several reasons why it is better to opt for original auto parts for your vehicle:

  • Perfect fit: unlike the originals, the other pieces have fitting problems, and need to be adapted to be able to be installed in the corresponding place.
  • Finish: these pieces have inconsistent bases and are thinner than the originals.
  • Corrosion and rust: it must be taken into account that the metal of its manufacture may not be the same metal of your car, which represents a problem.
  • Warranty: generally manufacturers respect warranties to the extent that original spare parts are used.
  • Safety: Genuine parts give you the assurance that they meet the specifications of your car, while alternatives do not.
  • Resale: if at any time you want to sell your vehicle, the price may be higher if the parts are original.

The need for original spare parts

Buying original spare parts for your vintage car is an important point that you should always keep in mind. You should know that if you replace a part with one that is not original, it could affect various factors related to your car. Replacing a spare part is not just about that particular part, but also those others that are already on the car and could be affected by this faulty replacement. This proves that it is imperative to choose an auto part that will fit the car perfectly. Genuine parts come with the company’s replacement warranty and can therefore be replaced in the event of problems. Buying quality items generally gives you that sense of confidence and security.


If you just bought a vintage car and it already shows failures due to mechanical malfunction, we recommend that you change the defective part as soon as possible to maintain the safety and performance of the car. Of course, if you do not have the necessary budget, you can resort to an alternative reliable workshop. But, you must not compromise in part’s quality. Take your time and visit this link shopmetropolitanparts.com to find the auto parts for Nash Metropolitans cars.