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Abhishek Kulkarni Enzo Ferrari

by Dolores Olsen

At the age of 25, Abhishek Kulkarni, a young call center employee, chose to quit his work to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. With a one-man squad, he embarked on an exciting entrepreneurial adventure as a real estate broker in Pune and drives Ferrarr’s. Just 400 Ferrari Enzos were produced between 2002 and 2004, all between 2002 and 2004.

Officially, the supercar is known as the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari, but Maranello refers to it simply as the “Enzo.” This spiritual successor to the 288GTO, F40, and F50 deviates from Ferrari’s established order in almost every way. The Enzo breaks ground in road car technology and integrates enough Formula 1 philosophy to go well beyond just commemorating Ferrari’s three (almost four) championships.

The doors are hinged at the roof and waistline to open up and forward, and they have a portion of the roof and the lower sill. Get in with your feet first and slip back into the racing bucket. Except for tall pilots, the cockpit provides a convenient driving spot. There is air conditioning, but there is no sound system. Apart from a few pieces of fabric, the interior is entirely made of carbon fiber (both the composite frame and the seats).

It also ticked all the other boxes you’d expect from a limited-run model (Ferrari made just 400 units) from one of the world’s most desirable brands, from its spectacular styling to a heart-stopping £450,000 price – though anyone who got in on the ground floor has made a mint given what Enzos now sell for.

When it premiered in 2002, the Ferrari Enzo was a world-beater. Its advanced suspension, naturally aspirated V12 engine, and automatic single clutch paddle-shift transmission were all cutting-edge at the time.

But, of course, the absence of modern technology is precisely what makes the Enzo so appealing. Nothing muffles the fantastic-sounding pump, and there’s no fancy traction wizardry to make you slide about under the command and power of your robot overlords. The Enzo, like the iconic Porsche Carrera GT and McLaren F1, is a no-frills supercar.

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