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Alex Ojjeh’s $3.4 million car collection will take your breath away.

by Dolores Olsen



Alex Ojjeh is an investor, businessman, and entrepreneur with a reported net worth of more than $20 million. Although he has invested his fortune in a variety of ways, he has spent a significant amount of money on automobiles. A YouTuber discusses his impressive car collection.

Alex Ojjeh is well-known for his portfolios, wealth management venture, and ownership of a variety of companies. Alex Ojjeh has a range of high-end cars in his garage, which one would expect from someone who is so fashion-conscious.

Not all of them are as traditional as you might think. While there are some ‘typical’ supercars and exotics in his collection, there are also some surprisingly obscure vehicles. Instagram: Anywhereo all black modified his Lamborghini, as a consequence, the theme is highly divisive.

Alex Ojjeh raced the Lamborghini in Nevada

Alex Ojjeh was in rehab, but shortly after he was out he had this shipped to him to race in the desert. Most notably seen in Nashville and Miami.

Alex Ojjeh supercars

Alex Ojjeh modifies his cars to be all black with all black wheels

Alex reportedly paid nearly $1.5m for his Veyron, which at the time was the fastest production car in the world.

With a reported car collection worth more than $3.4 million, he has also been seen in a number of other Lamborghinis, AMG GLE, G-Wagon, Porsches, and supercars, and it is known these are his own vehicles and not rentals.

Alex Ojjeh Hobbies

Alex Ojjeh’s interests and means of staying fit are tennis and basketball. He is often seen dribbling on different courts and holding tennis rackets with friends. While in Miami last year, he and friends were spotted playing tennis topless.