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What Triggers the Check Engine Light?

by Clare Louise

There are many ways that the car lets you know, if something is not working the proper way. The warning lights that appear on the dashboard are one if the direct ways the cars communicate with you about all the major issues. The Check Engine Light is one among them that is meant to inform you whenever there is anything wrong with the engine or its related compartments.

The “check engine” light will automatically appear on the dashboard cluster with several other lights, whenever the engine is started. But in normal scenario, the light is supposed to get turned off as soon as your car starts moving. But if the light stays back or starts flashing, it is a sure sign of an issue with the car engine, warned the mechanical team of the Mt Laurel check engine light department.

They say that there could be various reasons that can trigger this “check engine” warning light to get turned on, that they shared with us, and we are conveying the same with you.

Loose Gas Cap:

The most common reason that triggers the “check engine” light is the gas cap. In most cases the gas cap can go loose or simply get damaged. As a result, the gas will start emitting in large quantity. This is something to worry about, and the car wants to let you know about the same.

So, if you see the check engine light getting turned on and staying back, start with popping up the hood and checking the gas cap. If the gas cap is appearing loose, damaged or broken, you must replace it with a new one immediately.

Issue with the Catalytic Converter:

The catalytic converter in a vehicle can get damaged after a certain extent of usage without which the car will not be able to run for long. A faulty catalytic converter will eventually stop the car from running. In such scenario your car will also miserably fail in the emission test. To make sure that it is the catalytic converter, which is at fault, one needs to take technical from an authentic auto repair center who conducts such tests.

Disconnected Wiring or Spark Plugs:

Sometimes it could be a disconnected wiring or a faulty spark plug that can make the check engine light get turned on. To diagnose if that is the case, it is necessary to take professional help who can investigate the issue with the help of latest machinery and trained skill, suggested the mechanics who run the department of check engine light testing in Mt Laurel.

They explained that at their testing center they first interpret the “fault codes” that get generated by the monitoring system installed in the vehicle. Once the diagnosis is done, they will go ahead addressing them by following certain methodologies. Hence, whether it is as simple a case like a loose gas cap, or a serious concern like a bad catalytic converter, it will have the power to trigger the check engine light to get turned on.

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